10 Facts About Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean is situated between the Southern Ocean, Americas, Arctic Ocean, Europe and Africa. The ocean covers about 20% of the surface of the Earth and also approximately 29% of the area covered by water. Among other interesting facts about the ocean includes:


First Ocean for an airplane and ship to cross


The Cunard Line started carrying passengers in 1850s across the ocean. America NC-4 was the first airplane in 1919 to cross the ocean.in 1928, Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly an airplane across the ocean.


Size of the Ocean

It is the world’s number two largest ocean following the Pacific Ocean. It is subdivided into South Atlantic and North Atlantic by the equator. The area covered by this ocean is about 41,100,000 miles with a volume of 74,471,500 cubic miles. It is about 3646 meters deep.


Temperature of water surface


The water surface temperatures vary as per season, current systems and latitude and the variations are a reflection of latitudinal solar energy distribution. The temperatures range between 86F and 28F. Maximum temperatures are experienced at the northern part of the equator while minimum temperature values are recorded in Polar Regions.

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Irregular coasts


The coasts of Atlantic Ocean Are not regular and are indented by many seas, gulfs and bays. Such include some part of Scotia Sea, North Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Caribbean Sea, Mexico Gulf, Black Sea, Davis Strait, and Baltic Sea among others. The coastline measures 69510 miles.


Number of nations with the ocean’s sealine


The total number of nations sharing a shoreline here is 52 include countries of South America, North America, Europe and Africa.




Most islands found here are from volcanic. The ocean’s island are few with the biggest found at Caribbean region.


It hosts the world’s largest Island


Greenland which measures 836330 square miles and its world’s largest is situated here. The highest tides experienced worldwide are caused by this ocean and such occur in Canada a Bay called Fundy. Sometimes in the year, the tide difference is 16.3meters in that Bay.


Mid-Atlantic Ridge


This is a mountain ridge found under the waters of Atlantic Ocean. The ridge stretches from Africa Good Hope Cape to Greenland on its northeast. The coverage is 10,000 miles.


Roaring Forties and Icebergs


At the South of the Atlantic where the ocean expanded more between South America and South Africa, the continuous winds which are very strong and the huge waves result in Roaring Forties. The ocean experiences icebergs between February and August around north-western Atlantic, Madeira and Bermuda, Denmark trait and the Davis Strait.


The age and fertility of Atlantic Ocean


With the rich waters in this ocean, it is termed as youngest and having been formed during the Jurassic period. The formation is believed to have occurred 130 million of years ago the time when drifting started of Africans and Americans. The ocean makes the most fertile worldwide fishing grounds with some of the famous and popularly known fish caught there including, herring, haddock, cod and mackerel. Its lowest point is Puerto Rico which is a trench measuring 8 and a half meters deep. That trench is situated close to a boundary of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.


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